What is plugin in wordpress?

In WordPress, a plugin is a small software application that extends the features and functions of a WordPress website.
Plugins play a major role in building great websites using WordPress. Plugins are an important part of the WordPress ecosystem, and they are essential for building great websites using WordPress.
WordPress is designed so that other developers can add their own code to it. The WordPress plugin API offers a robust set of hooks and filters which allow developers to modify existing WordPress functionality or add new functionality.

What can WordPress plugins do?


This allows you to use WordPress to construct nearly any type of website, not just a blog. You can, for instance

  • Use the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store in WordPress.
  • Use the Job Manager plugin in WordPress to create a job board.
  • Create a company directory with the finest directory plugins for WordPress.
  • Launch a discount website similar to RetainMeNot.
  • Create a photography website with the Envira Gallery Plugin.
  • Use the Knowledge Base plugin to build a wiki website.
  • Create your own podcast website with WordPress.
  • and a lot more.

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Why would you want to pay for a plugin?

Well, there are several reasons:

  • While there are thousands of plugins available for free from the plugin directory, paid plugins usually offer a full-time support staff and developers that work on maintaining the security and compatibility of plugins with the latest version of WordPress as well as with other themes and plugins.
  • Most of the time, plugins play nicely with the core of WordPress and with other plugins, but sometimes a plugin’s code will get in the way of another plugin, causing compatibility issues. With a paid plugin, it’s just nice to know you have support staff that can help you out if anything goes wrong.
  • You might be asking what types of things plugins can do. Well, if you can imagine it, there’s probably a plugin for that. All you need to do is take a stroll through the WordPress plugin directory to see all of the possible ways plugins can extend or enhance your WordPress site.

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